Find Your Relief

Find Relief & Feel Your Best … Naturally.

Relieve tension

The human endocannabinoid system (ECS) consists of tiny receptors that are involved in regulating mood. Our innovative CBD products activate these receptors and help lighten the load.

Feel refreshed

Therapeutic-grade essential oil blends activate your body's cold receptors giving you instant refreshment.


Our CBD is produced using organic farming practices in Colorado, USA. Our manufacturing has been certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and we’re continuously testing to ensure the highest quality products possible.

Proprietary ingredients

Our perfect blends of therapeutic-grade essential oils and Broad-Spectrum CBD oil will give you relief like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

The BoomBoom Experience

For people who want more out of every moment, we create all-natural, plant-based solutions to help you stay focused, feel refreshed, and be a better you.

Fully Natural

100% All-Natural

All of our ingredients are derived from true natural sources and clearly listed on our labels.

Easy to Carry

No “High” Relaxation

Feel the amazing benefits of CBD at any time while keeping a clear mind.



Calm your mind and find relief… naturally.

Quality Tested

Quality Tested

Our products are continuously tested to ensure the highest quality purity and consistency.

Awaken your senses like never before.

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August N.

“Bought these not knowing what to really expect, these are phenomenal!! My girlfriend likes them, I love'em, would definitely buy these again.. and I'm telling everyone I know about these.”

Brooke W.

“I told all my friends about BoomBoom because they had never heard of it. Now they are all in love with BoomBoom and they can't stop Booming.

Simon G.

“I like it. Good fresh feeling. And gives a little rush. Plus helps clear nose and sinus. Allows u to breath in deep and clear. Sometimes even helps soothe sinus when allergies flare up.”

Destiny G.

“BoomBoom is incredible. All my friends love it and has been a great conversation starter on multiple occasions during my nights out. Love it so much I find myself promoting it more than I should.”