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"BoomBoom has been the ultimate product in my wellness journey. I use both the inhalers and roll-ons throughout the day to help me breathe deeper, boost my energy, and feel more present. These scents make me so happy - aromatherapy is legit!"


“Bought these not knowing what to really expect, these are phenomenal!! My girlfriend likes them, I love'em, would definitely buy these again.. and I'm telling everyone I know about these.”


“BoomBoom is incredible. All my friends love it and has been a great conversation starter on multiple occasions during my nights out. Love it so much I find myself promoting it more than I should.”


“I like it. Good fresh feeling. And gives a little rush. Plus helps clear nose and sinus. Allows u to breath in deep and clear. Sometimes even helps soothe sinus when allergies flare up.”


"I will be buying this product again it’s smooth and it kinda keeps you grounded when your stressed and gives off the sense of calmer moments throughout your day thank you boom boom"


"Using this item felt like discovering what ice cream was or discovering a new animal or finding a dollar on the floor in elementary and feeling like you are the luckiest person in the world. The item is great it works well! Smells good and I am looking forward to using my boom boom at escape!!"


"The Breathe + Focus Roll-on is my go to when I need to really buckle down and finish a project or assignment- sometimes drinking a 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee can leave me feeling jittery, so I will resort to this roll on to get my head in the the right place and really focus on a task."


"Seriously love these things... whenever I feel like I need a refreshing slap in the face, BoomBoom does the trick. Think of it like chewing your favorite piece of gum, but 10x more intense and awesome. You can feel the soothing vapors go up into your nose and back down your throat."